things toddlers do that make you go aww

Toddlers are so ‘I want to pinch those cheeks’ adorable. My pediatrician (she has two of her own) couldn’t have put it any better – it’s how they’re still alive. So while they’ll make you want to throttle ’em every few minutes or so, these here are those gosh darn little things they do that just make you go … awwww.

  1. When her favorite song comes on and she caterwauls at the top of her lungs like she’s a contestant on The Voice, imaginary mike and all.
  2. … or when she dances and sways, eyes closed and with feeling.
  3. When she jumps in muddy puddles in absolute delight, just like Peppa Pig gets to do.
  4. When she falls on her butt and instead of bursting into tears, howls with laughter.
  5. When she manages to pull on her socks and you see her cheeks glow and chest swell with pride when mom and dad beam and say, “good job, honey!”
  6. When you stub your toe on the coffee table. And as your eyes well up with tears, she arrives with furrowed brow, rubs your feet oh-so-gently, and asks:”Honey, are you okay?”
  7. When she won’t put on her gloves, but stuffs her cold little hands in the pockets of her pink fleece jacket because that’s how her daddy does it.
  8. When she comes running with a big smile, flings her arms around you and yells, “Mommy!” Just because.

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