snippets of tots #59

Mom: Oh honey, look. You’re getting bigger! Pretty soon you are not going to fit into your Elsa shoes anymore. Butterball: Yes, mommy. Maybe we can give it to *Jenny when I can’t wear it anymore. Mom (feeling proud): Yes, honey. That’s such a good idea! Butterball: Mommy, daddy told me that when we are … Continue reading snippets of tots #59

snippets of tots #56

Butterball: Mom, I really don’t like the nasal spray. (Sniff sniff) Me: Aw, I know. We only have to do it for (pause for finger calculations) ... three more mornings, honey! That’s not so bad, is it? Butterball (scrunchy-faced): The only time I like the nasal spray is when it’s spraying behind my back. #goodreasoningskills … Continue reading snippets of tots #56