extracts de mumbles

Mumbles and I are watching a morning talk show. I think they are talking about aging. There is a 40-something celebrity actress on that looks like she’s 25. She sweeps her hair off her face and her hands reveal her age. Mumbles looks at my hands as I am nibbling on some bread.

Mumbles: Hmm. It’s interesting how you don’t have old person hands.

My bread stops traveling within an inch of my mouth. My mouth stays open. We just stared at each other for a second.

Mumbles looks slightly alarmed, eyes wide open, like a deer panicked in headlights. He’s waiting for my reaction. Then, in unison, we started to howl with laughter. I think we couldn’t stop laughing for five minutes. 

Mumbles (deep breath): OK, so that clearly came out wrong.

You don’t say. But I also hadn’t had such a deep belly laugh in a long time. Hopefully that counts for something in my fight against aging.

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