parental leave for the win

For me, this breathtaking clip of a gelada monkey mother and her baby after birth says it all. If we want to fix this broken world and teach children to do the same, we can well start by showing them that the things that matter in life deserve the investment of our time and attention. Equip parents with the space, time and resources to nurture the future generation.

#maternityleave #breathingroom #parentalleave #lessonsfromnature

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Video by @jtkerby | This gelada monkey mother is holding an infant that is only minutes old. Full photo sequence of its birth on my profile @jtkerby | Prior to photographing this story, I worked as a biologist in the Ethiopian Highlands. On this day, that training paid off when I noticed a female monkey acting oddly – she walked away from the herd on her own, not something adult females will often do. I had been following an Ethiopian wolf with fellow photographer @tbfrost, but quickly decided to figure out what this monkey was up to instead. It soon became apparent that she wasn't sick or hurt as I initially feared, but was about to give birth. I put on my telephoto lens, gave her some space, and watched her silently bring a new infant into the chilly alpine air. This video captures her moments after giving birth, just before a cool rain began to fall as she rejoined the herd. For more on geladas and the Guassa Community Conservation Area, check out @jtkerby and the full story in the April issue of #NatGeo with additional photos by @tbfrost and text by @craigwelch. #Ethiopia #ExpeditionsCouncil #Gelada #Guassa #GGRP

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