conversations with a 3-year-old #337

Me (overwhelmed with love for Butterball who is flush with fever but a complete trooper): You are my sweet little baby, you know that?

Butterball (gasps and laughs): I’m not a baby!

Me: Silly me. I meant sweet little girl.

Butterball (shaking her head at her silly Mommy): But I’m not little.

Me: You know what, even if you are as tall as daddy, I’m still going to call you my sweet little girl.

Butterball: And I’m going to call you a roll of cheese!

Me (laughing): What? Why are you going to call me a roll of cheese? Is it because you love cheese?

Butterball (laughing): Yes! And I’m going to call you blueberry too, because I LOVE blueberries!


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