imaginary conversations with baby #2

Butterball: (pant pant, crawl) gotta get there, fast.

Mom: stay away from the air purifier, sweetie.

Butterball: gotta…get…there…now…

Mom: honey, it’s dusty, don’t go there. Come play with these blocks…

Butterball: but (pant) this is…a matter of…national secur…ooh, bug. (Poke.)

Mom: don’t you put that in your mou..

Butterball: (resumes crawl) you are absolutely right, agent m. Focus…

Mom: (in distraction mode) sweet pea, come look at these blocks, they squeak, and ooh, look, red…

Butterball: I made it, agent m. I’m here.

Mom: no baby, don’t …


#babieslikebugs #nomeansyes

(18 July 2014)

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