imaginary conversations with baby #3

Butterball: mum…

Mum: yes, sweet pea.

Butterball: (arms beginning a slow wave) have you ever heard the story of how Moses parted the Red Sea?

Mum: (precariously preparing to load a spoonful of yoghurt into baby’s mouth) as a matter of fact, I have, sugar plum…

Butterball: well, it goes like this … Shwoooo shwooo (right hand swooping forward in slow-mo towards load)

(Mum, with cat-like dexterity, shifts load from left to right hand)

Butterball: and now … whoosh whoosh! (with graceful tai-chi like sweep of other arm heads in for the kill)

(Mum narrowly escapes with a right arm block, shifts load back to left, then with no time to spare, delivers nutrition into baby’s mouth)

Mum: (arms raised in victory) score!
Butterball 10, Mum 1

#babiesknowtaichi #minorvictoriesmatter #foodgoeseverywhere
(8 July 2014)

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