ode to heartbreak

When America picked a misogynistic, racist, homophobic, lying man over a highly experienced, intelligent, well-spoken woman to be the 45th president, my heart broke.

When they decided the hateful words thrown around about good and honest people was acceptable and appropriate for the highest office in the world, they no longer have a moral ground to stand on.

When the woman spoke with strength and grace to all the little girls out there during her concession speech, I welled up. I welled up for all little girls and little boys too, who do not get to grow up seeing her be the first woman president. And a decent one.

When I watched on the news how they unceremoniously dug out the ‘glass’ confetti meant to simulate a broken glass ceiling for the celebration that never came to be, I wept for what could have been.

When fellow women and fellow minorities don’t understand why it’s the right moment for this highly qualified, well prepared, hardworking woman to become the US president, I hope with all my broken heart that they are right.

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