parental leave for the win

For me, this breathtaking clip of a gelada monkey mother and her baby after birth says it all. If we want to fix this broken world and teach children to do the same, we can well start by showing them that the things that matter in life deserve the investment of our time and attention. … Continue reading parental leave for the win

if i left you behind

What would become of you If my stay is brief Would you remember me If I left you behind   What would become of you If I lose my breath Would you care about me If I left you behind   If the world turns cold Civilization lost What would become of you If I … Continue reading if i left you behind

conversations with butterball

Mumbles: What do people smell with? Butterball: Nose! Mumbles: What do people see with? Butterball: Eyes!! Mumbles: What do people hear with? Butterball: Ears!!! Mumbles: And what do people eat with? Butterball: Fork and spoon!

extracts de mumbles

Mumbles and I are watching a morning talk show. I think they are talking about aging. There is a 40-something celebrity actress on that looks like she's 25. She sweeps her hair off her face and her hands reveal her age. Mumbles looks at my hands as I am nibbling on some bread. Mumbles: Hmm. … Continue reading extracts de mumbles