imaginary conversations with baby #3

Butterball: mum... Mum: yes, sweet pea. Butterball: (arms beginning a slow wave) have you ever heard the story of how Moses parted the Red Sea? Mum: (precariously preparing to load a spoonful of yoghurt into baby's mouth) as a matter of fact, I have, sugar plum... Butterball: well, it goes like this ... Shwoooo shwooo … Continue reading imaginary conversations with baby #3

imaginary conversations with baby #2

Butterball: (pant pant, crawl) gotta get there, fast. Mom: stay away from the air purifier, sweetie. Butterball: Mom: honey, it's dusty, don't go there. Come play with these blocks... Butterball: but (pant) this is...a matter of...national secur...ooh, bug. (Poke.) Mom: don't you put that in your mou.. Butterball: (resumes crawl) you are absolutely right, … Continue reading imaginary conversations with baby #2

imaginary conversations with baby #1

Butterball: (in high chair and arms reaching out) Daddy daddy, carry me! Dad: No Butterball, you need to finish your apple purée. Look, yummy! Butterball: No daddy. (Scrunches nose and sniffs in frustration) Carry me, puh-lease!!! Daddy reaches out for sparkling plastic toy locket: Look, Butterball. Butterball: Ooooooh, shiny! (Grabs locket and keeps on eating) … Continue reading imaginary conversations with baby #1

the best thing motherhood taught me

I remember distinctly that Butterball and I were jostling within the aisles of Target when I texted Mumbles in pure exasperation. I just realized I have no control over our daughter. Send.  Bing. Oh no, what did she do now? Well, suffice to say our battle of wills that day ended with the both of … Continue reading the best thing motherhood taught me

FIVE ways to be a happier SAHM

The Washington Post recently posted an article on a German study, which showed that new parents felt that their happiness level had fallen more so than those who had recently lost a spouse or became unemployed ( If that statistic isn’t depressing enough, I don’t know what is. The first years of motherhood is HARD. … Continue reading FIVE ways to be a happier SAHM

cherish every moment

The first few months of motherhood are a huge adjustment by any standard. No matter how much you think you know, nothing can possibly prepare you for it. Suddenly, you aren't able to do anything that is just the most basic thing, from going to the bathroom to sitting down and nursing a cup of … Continue reading cherish every moment

what if you can’t breastfeed?

The pressure to be a perfect mom begins before baby even arrives. Right from the time that the pee stick reads positive, you are worrying about keeping that nugget alive and healthy. What to eat, what not to eat. What exercise to do and what books to read. All the way to what kind of … Continue reading what if you can’t breastfeed?

the butterball is out of the oven

Marriage is easy. Parenthood is a whole other ball of poopy diapers. All the lovey dovey, just-us-two, cooing and ahh-ing goes out the window (reserved for baby, for now) and real life kicks in. And that's what Butterball is. She is reality in the flesh. All out to let you know that life with baby … Continue reading the butterball is out of the oven