anger today, what about tomorrow?

Recent events have got me thinking a lot about anger. When I was in my early twenties, I had a picture of my aura taken, you know, out of curiosity. I had been on a spiritual path at the time, doing yoga, drinking noni juice, devouring books on life, meditation, etc. I felt sure that … Continue reading anger today, what about tomorrow?

ode to heartbreak

When America picked a misogynistic, racist, homophobic, lying man over a highly experienced, intelligent, well-spoken woman to be the 45th president, my heart broke. When they decided the hateful words thrown around about good and honest people was acceptable and appropriate for the highest office in the world, they no longer have a moral ground … Continue reading ode to heartbreak

things toddlers do that make you go aww

Toddlers are so 'I want to pinch those cheeks' adorable. My pediatrician (she has two of her own) couldn't have put it any better - it's how they're still alive. So while they'll make you want to throttle 'em every few minutes or so, these here are those gosh darn little things they do that … Continue reading things toddlers do that make you go aww

four is my magic (parenting) number

  If I had to pick my favorite number, it's 7. That is, it was 7, right up to a few weeks ago. Now it’s 4. Because 4 is Butterball’s favorite. And as long as it stays her favorite, it’s going to remain mine. We all know that numbers can change lives in unexpected ways. … Continue reading four is my magic (parenting) number

random stuff that amaze #2000 and whatever…

(At the sink. In the morning. EVERY morning.) Me: Open your mouth. Open your mouth! Butterball's mouth is clamped shut. But she's humming some random tune and bobbing her head to it. Me: Ok, fine. If you don't want to brush your teeth anymore, then mommy is just gonna throw away your Mickey Mouse toothbrush. And … Continue reading random stuff that amaze #2000 and whatever…

random stuff that amaze #7

I thought it'd be fun to get matching heart tattoos. Mine was the trial run so it didn't come out so well but Butterball's came out perfectly, as you can see. Looking at mine, Butterball says in dismay: "Mommy, your heart is broken!" She then looks down at her own, pauses, then says: "Mine is … Continue reading random stuff that amaze #7